Recover your Lost HDD, SSD, Flash Drives, Memory Card Data
How long does the Analysis Take ?
When the drive is given for investigation, we take 3 to 4 hours of time to analyze the issue, it depends upon the issue of platter. We at that point report to the client/customer about the recovery percentile, time span and the quotation. Once the approval is given from the client/customer, we begin the work in our lab.
What are the Measures taken at Now Data Recovery to Guarantee Security & Privacy of my Information?

Your data is treated as 100% Confidential by our data recovery company since we regard your privacy and secrecy. A similar technique for data dealing with and confidentiality is taken care of for Corporate, Government, Army and Personal data recovery solutions. We store all your original drives securely in an access controlled environment where only recovery specialists has access and tight security is provided.

How much time do you take to Recover the Data after my Approval?

It absolutely depends on your data size, if the recovery data is 100 GB then it takes 1 hour if its 200 GB then 2 hours and so on.

What happens to my Recovered Data after Delivery ? Will it remain with Now Data Recovery?

We keep your data with us for 3 days after it is delivered to you. In case anything goes wrong with your recovered data post-delivery, you don’t have to go through the whole process again. After 2 days from delivery or after your email confirmation we erase your data completely from our server. Once your data is erased from our server, we do not keep any copy of your data.

How does the Recovered Data given back to me?
The recovered data will be given on a backup hard disk or any other storage devices, backup device must be provided by the client/customer to copy the recovered data.
Will I get my Original Disk back?

Yes, we do return your original disk back even if it’s completely damaged and unusable. As per our company policy, we won’t keep any kind of customer property even though it is non-functional.

How much does Data Recovery Cost ? Does costs differ for Data Size?
Cost is evaluated on the issue in the device and is regardless of the data size in the hard drive. Investigation required to recognize whether the recovery is possible or not.
What are the available Payment methods available in Now Data Recovery?

You can pay us through cash, cheque, net banking or any online transfer. And if your are unable to visit our company personally, you can pay us through online.