Recover your Lost HDD, SSD, Flash Drives, Memory Card Data

Price Estimate

The most common recovery question is about data recovery price information or quotes related to data recovery from hard drives or media. The recovery cost estimate for all storage media depends on the following three elements:

  • Kind of Drive or Media: Laptop or Desktop/ PC and Portable hard disk drives (HDD) / SSD / SSHD , Server recovery or RAID-like SAS and SCSI hard drives / Flash drive like memory cards / SD cards. Each storage media has to be treated in another way and subsequently costs varies.
  • Kind of Damages on Media: Either basic deleted recovery or formatted Logical issues, Board damages, Firmware issues, CRC I/O Errors, Media or Physical damages, the data recovery charges varies on how simple or how complex is the damage.
  • Technology and Time Dedication, Data Recovery Levels and hence charges will be decided based on the time, technology used and work involvement during the process.