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RAID Data Recovery

We offer Expert RAID Data Recovery services in Chandigarh and India. RAID stands for Redundant Array of Independent Disks. A group of hard drives that form a logical unit and work together to reduce the possibility of data loss (depending on the type of configuration). But even a RAID array is prone to errors and corruption due to multiple disk failures, configuration errors, human error, or other reasons. We provide Service of data recovery in Chandigarh and expert solutions for all RAID data recovery and data recovery after a server crash. Our technical engineers also handle operating system recovery such as Windows, Mac, Linux/Unix RAID data recovery. Our clients benefit from RAID data recovery and server disaster recovery services.

RAID 5 Data Recovery Services RAID 5 or Redundant Array is also known as RAID 5+0 consists of Block-level Striping with distributed parties. Here Data is striped at block level when you save files to RAID 5 array. We at Now Data specialize in RAID 5 data recovery services.
RAID 6 Successful Data Recovery Services Recent success of data recovery from RAID 6 Server, SAS type hard drive of 1 TB each, the total server capacity of 12 TB with 3 hard drive failures. Recovery went successful without losing a single bit of information.

We have a fast support team for managing the damaged server and business continuity support, Dedicated Express recovery team can solve the problem by completing the analysis within 8 hours with a detailed quote and time required for the data recovery process. Recovery can be completed within 2 days for logical part, firmware, electronic and physical or mechanical recovery can be completed within 15 working days. All data recovery procedures are performed in our lab environment.

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